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 A successful marriage requires ongoing attention.

 There is a great deal of difference between a wedding and a marriage! Although it can take many months to plan, a wedding is over in a day. Your marriage however is designed by God to be a life-long commitment. Let's face it -- a great wedding is nothing to do with holding a marriage together! So shouldn't you put just as much effort, if not more, into planning for your marriage?
 Pre-Pair for Marriage helps you do just that. 

 Weighing the Risks

 These days, marriage can be viewed as a high-risk investment. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, you need to have a plan to make your relationship last a lifetime. 

 Gearing for Success

 Research shows that building a healthy marriage from the "ground up" is remarkably more effective that trying to repair an already troubled marriage. Attend the Pre-Pair for Marriage workshop, and you'll walk away at the end fo the day with a plan to face the problems, handle the conflicts and build a marriage that will stand the test of time.

 What You'll Learn

 3 CRITICAL THINGS you must do your first year of marriage                                                               

  • HOW YOUR GREAT personality can destroy your marriage
  • THE FOUR MANDATORY character qualities found in every fulfilling marriage
  • THE #1 STRESSOR guaranteed to inflict serious damage on a marriage
  • FOUR 'LOVE KILLERS' and what to do when you recognize one
  • THREE SKILLS necessary for making decisions and creating unity
  • WHAT TO DO when you can't solve a problem
  • HOW TO SPEAK a language of love that your spouse understands


What if we're already married?


You are very welcome to attend! "Pre-Pair" is relevant for newly-weds as well; we recommend it for anyone married under two years. Call our office if you have specific questions. We would love to have you.


What if we're not engaged?


Totally fine with us. Many couples who come are not officially engaged yet, and we actually think that is a GREAT time to come! You would be most welcome.


What is the Cost?


$140 per couple covers supplies and seminar expenses.






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                        Location: To be determined. You will be notified by email or phone prior to the event.




Alumni Say...


 "I am so glad we came! I honestly didn't think I would learn that much, but I was wrong. The content was clear and practical."  - male "Your love for us and the topic is evident. Your passion for marriage and family has inspired us to approach our relationship more seriously and intentionally." - female

 "We've been married seven months now, and have used many of the tools you taught us a Pre-Pair! Thank you for caring about our success."   -female

"I'm glad we chose to spend money on something that will last beyond the wedding day." - male. 


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April 13, 2019

October 12, 2019