What is Marriage Encounter?

Quotes from recent Alumni of the weekend:


  "Before Marriage Encounter, all Jim and I ever talked about were the kids, our jobs, the house, or money. Now we also talk about US." 


 "Our weekend was like opening our safety deposit box; we'd forgotten how many treasures we had in there? We'll never be the same."


  "Ok...I'll admit I was hesitant to come? I came mainly just because Mary wanted to. We were happy to find that Marriage Encounter was a private time just for us to concentrate on each other and our marriage."


 "Our Marriage Encounter weekend was a high point of 36 years of a solid marriage. A great way to leap into the 'home stretch' of our journey together. Our kids have got to come!"


 "We had a great marriage; there was nothing we wouldn't do for each other. But we wanted more...and we got it! Marriage Encounter has given us a closeness and intimacy we've never experienced before."


   "Hooray for romance! The spark is back!"


Marriage Encounter weekend is a chance for you as a husband and wife to come away from the pressures, hurriedness, and routine of everyday living and concentrate on each other. It is for couples who recognize that good marriages don't "just happen"; good marriages require time alone together, away from distractions, where the two of you can focus on your relationship.

 Marriage Encounter is a Christian lay movement open to couples of all faiths. God's standards for marriage are emphasized throughout the weekend. It lasts from Friday evening through late Sunday afternoon. 

Will my privacy be respected?

We guarantee it! Marriage Encounter is oriented strictly to individual couple interaction; not group dynamics. Any discussions you have as a couple will always be done in the privacy of your own room. 

Do I have to say anything publicly?

Never. That's a promise. The only"public speaking" will be from the Marriage Encounter Team Couples, as they share insight from their own personal marriage experiences. 

Where will Marriage Encounter be held?

Marriage Encounter is held at a beautiful European-style Hotel in the Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington. We already have rooms booked, so you do not need to make reservations anywhere. Because of the format of the weekend and the need to go back and forth to your room often, it is necessary that all couples stay at the same motel where Marriage Encounter is located.

Who can attend?

Any husband and wife. We honestly think Marriage Encounter is for every marriage - it's that good! Whether you've been married five years or fifty, you can benefit from Marriage Encounter. Even the best marriage can find new meaning and deepened love and joy. There is no age limit; any couple is welcome.

Having said that...we HIGHLY recommend that a couple be married a minimum of 3 years before attending Marriage Encounter to gain the most benefit from the weekend. A husband and wife simply need to have some "marital life experiences", including conflict in all areas of a relationship (financial, vocational, sexual, parenting, extended family, etc.) in order to benefit from the tools gained on the weekend. Otherwise, they just yawn and wonder what all the fuss is about?

If you have been married 3 years or less, check out the Pre-Pair for Marriage one-day workshop, which is offered each spring and fall. That is foundational-building and would be a great pre-cursor to Marriage Encounter.

What is the time frame?

We start at 6:00 Friday evening, and end around 4:30 Sunday afternoon. Unlike other retreats or marriage seminars you may have attended, Marriage Encounter is NOT a "come-and-go" format. To receive the benefits of the Encounter experience for your marriage, attendance at every session is necessary. The weekend is FULL of good things for you to hear and discuss. So if you are planning on a weekend of sleeping in, this is probably not the timing or the seminar for you.

What if we already have a good marriage?

Congratulations! You will get a lot of out it precisely BECAUSE you bring a lot to it. 

I've known other couples who attended; why does it seem they are sometimes "evasive" about details of the weekend?

That's a hard question to answer without sounding evasive ourselves! Our guess is that people don't give you all the details because it is such a personal experience and they just want you as a couple to discover the specialness of the weekend for yourself.

What is the Cost?

A $55 per couple non-refundable registration and deposit fee will confirm your reservation. At the conclusion of the weekend, our expenses will be explained and you will be given an opportunity to make a donation to cover the cost of your weekend. Expenses vary slightly (depending on the particular weekend), but obviously the cost includes motel accommodations for two nights, five meals, and seminar supplies and related expenses. 


Because Marriage Encounter is limited in the number of openings, your $55 registration and deposit fee does not necessarily GUARANTEE a spot reserved for you. You will need to wait until you receive a separate confirmation from us (not just the payment receipt from registering online).

If we have 3 openings left, and 5 registrations come in, we will take them in the order they arrived. If we are full, we will let you know as soon as we can, and you will be on a "waiting" list in case of a cancellation. Or we can transfer your deposit to the next Marriage Encounter weekend. We WILL refund your money if the next weekend does not work for you. 


Attention, husbands and wives who are currently foster parents, or parents of an adopted child. If you live in the greater Wenatchee Valley, Grace City Church of Wenatchee will cover your Marriage Encounter expenses for the Nov. 2019 weekend! (You are responsible for the $55 up-front online registration deposit, but it will be reimbursed to you on Sunday of the weekend.) Register soon, because space is limited. Call 509-782-3206 if you have questions. Foster or Adoptive Parents out of area will be sponsored on a case-by-case basis if there is availability after July 1. 

Indicate in the box on the registration page if you are foster parents or parents of an adopted child.


 TO REGISTER for Marriage Encounter click the link below for the seminar you wish to attend.



November 1st-3rd, 2019