The ministry of Greg McPherson spans over thirty five years. Ordained by the Free Methodist denomination, Greg served for twelve years in the pastoral ministry before founding Life-Trac in 1983. Greg’s perspective on the family is underscored by over 18,000 hours in counseling marriage, teen, and family problems. God has gifted Greg and Candy with wisdom and understanding in how to communicate, encourage and equip individuals in strong family relationship building. 

Greg also served Promise Keepers as the Eastern Washington Field Ministry Representative for three years. Here’s how he sums up his life’s work

“Candy and I decided years ago that the most useful way for us to spend our lives would be to help people apply the timeless principles of the Bible to everyday life, especially as it relates to the marriage and family. We have never regretted our decision.

 Greg & Candy McPherson


“There ARE answers to the challenges facing us today. We believeyour marriage and family can become a beacon of love, stability, and hope to everyone around you. We are committed to your success.”

Greg and Candy have been married for 39 years and have two sons, Joshua (31) and Carey (27). Josh and Sharon were married in 2001 and Carey and Tarah were married in 2004.

“We are deeply thankful for the work God does through Life-Trac. It amazes us how He uses the ministry to steer people toward spiritual life and health in their relationships. We know that future generations will be deeply impacted by the work God is doing today through this ministry.”

In May of 2006, Greg's brother, Ray McPherson, left behind 30 years of involvement in a family business, Mack's Lure, to join Greg and Candy in the work of family ministries. Kathryn joined the organization on a part-time basis in February of 2010. They have four children, Kalyn, Kalee, Karis & Kylar.

Ray & Kathryn McPherson

Ray-Adminstrator, Kathyrn-Operations Assist.