Is Your Marriage Helping to Reduce the Divorce Rate?

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    As you are painfully aware, the Enemy has managed during the last 50 years to break down the foundations of the family by creating an almost-total dependence upon man and his ways rather than God’s Word and God’s principles. The average Christian family is wobbly-kneed. Like a boxer who’s been clobbered time and time again, the family appears to be hesitating and staggering.

Question: How many Christians do you know who have been through a divorce? How many kids out of Christian homes have gone in other directions . . . . away from God? Now ask yourself: how often was this family in church? Did they attend Sunday School? Did they attend activities the church offered? The answer is usually "yes", so obviously, just being connected to a church is not making a difference and reducing divorce.

Here’s another question: how many marriages do you know in the church that are thriving? You know - where the husband and wife each understand their biblical roles, as assigned by God, and are living them out joyfully for God’s glory?

Are we simply taking in the Word, Sunday after Sunday, but unwilling to apply it to the relationships closest to us? Are we so over-weight with knowledge and church activity that we are not contending to apply the truth of the Gospel at home in our family? If so, the result will be a marriage that has no authority, much less any fulfillment and joy for the husband and wife. Our marriage will not attract non-Christians to the Gospel. Even more to the point, the children who are observing the marriage close-up - - (and make no doubt about it; they ARE observing everyday how mom and dad speak to and treat each other, if they are humble and ask forgiveness, if Dad’s Bible collects dust from week to week, or if he never prays with mom or them) - - these children can become contemptuous towards their parents, towards the church, and even towards God Himself.

From the beginning of creation, God had marriage on His mind. That’s because marriage was to one day reflect the intimacy of God’s relationship with his Bride, the church. One of the reasons marriage exists is to illustrate what happens when 2 people respond to the Gospel, and they then let the Gospel influence their conduct and conversation everyday.

We need to be deeply concerned and convicted that our marriage accurately reflects the truth about God and Christ. For when that happens, the divorce rate will be reduced within the church.

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