Life Trac Ministries exists to serve the church through mentoring marriages & families in their resolve to live Gospel-Centered lives. Our focus is on God's principles found in the Holy Scriptures.  

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  • The Issue of Lordship

    What is it about knocking down a stack of blocks that little children find almost irresistible? If it were simply the crash itself, would they be so indignant when a playmate prematurely kicks the foundation out from under it? Adults don't have to be around children and blocks for very long before they establish some version of this basic rule: The one who builds something is the one who has the right to knock it down or to say when it will be toppled. Like it or not, most children will acknowledge that such a rule is just. Even children understand the right of a creator to rule over his creation.

  • Lord, You Lead, I'll Follow

    Growing up in Lewiston, Idaho, Dad and Mom taught me about God and I watched how God influenced their lives every day. Dad closed his grocery store on Sundays because, as he put it, that was the Lord's Day.

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What's on The Other Side of Your Obedience to God's Will (Known & Not-yet Known)

In this message, pastor Greg McPherson tells his personal story of God's grace in his life. Testifying to how God is a good, faithful, and trustworthy Father who is inviting us to participate in His plan as we learn how to deny ourselves and follow Jesus.


Audio - What's on The Other Side of Your Obedience to God's Will