HEAVEN, By Randy Alcorn

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    My family and good friends know this about me: for the last 2-3 years, there is ONE book – out of the scores that I have read in that time – that I want everyone else to read! That book is Heaven. I cannot emphasize enough how this book has totally changed my everyday thinking and perspective.

Most of us have failed to explore the Bible’s magnificent teachings on this subject. Consequently, we do not have our theology of Heaven firmly rooted in our minds and hearts. We have let the world’s view - harps and clouds (ugh) - distort God’s revealed truth to us. We have fallen for the myth that Heaven will be boring (although we wouldn’t want to admit that the thought has crossed our minds . . “Is Heaven just, like, uhh, one long sing-along church service?) And then we sigh and feel guilty because we aren’t more “spiritual”.

Well, this book definitively answers that question, “Will Heaven ever be boring?” along with scores of other questions. Have you ever wondered any of the following: What’s the difference between the “present” Heaven and the eternal Heaven? Will the New Earth be like Eden? Will there be animals? What about our pets? Will we create art and music and culture?
What will travel be like – will we explore space; will we travel in time? What is life in the present Heaven like for our loved ones that have died? Do people in the intermediate Heaven see what is happening on earth? What will our daily lives be like?

My favorite two chapters are entitled: “Will our dreams be fulfilled and missed opportunities regained?” and “Reorienting Ourselves to Heaven as Our Home”.

Oh, friends, this book is EXCITING!! As a pastor and professor, Mr. Alcorn makes his case very carefully and biblically. Yes, the biblical doctrine of Heaven is about the future, but make no mistake: the understanding of this doctrine has tremendous benefits for us here and now. 

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