Does honoring and obeying your parents go as far as...

Does honoring and obeying your parents go as far as obeying your parents when they ask you to sin?

1. No. Believers are called to live like Christ and be obedient to Christ. (Eph.4:17-30; Rom. 13:1-2; Eph.6:1-4). However, a son or daughter’s submission to their parent(s) is a very serious matter to God. God knows and sees the true motivation of your heart. If those under parental authority have a tendency to resist and not following willingly, God sees this tendency toward independence and will bring discipline. A son or daughter might define what is requested by the parent as a sin because it seems unreasonable. But what might be unreasonable to a “heart that is resisting authority” might truly be God’s way of teaching the insubordinate person the importance of surrender to authority. If there are moral issues in question or concerns that cannot get resolved, then the parents can bring these matters to the Elders of the Church and let them evaluate the circumstance and help them assess if they are using their authority properly or if what they are requesting is a path of sin. No parent is the absolute authority. God establishes the role and responsibilities given to parents and provides instruction on how they should lead, train, model and instruct their children. So depending on the issues, qualified biblical Elders of a local Church might serve to help sort out difficult matters.

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